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Pandulipi Publishing is opening a slot for Book publishing distribution & selling to promote creative writers. Any aspiring writer having awesome manuscripts with them believing their books will be loved by the world, may join our unique model of book publishing.


Every Book published by us will be having a ISBN number. Copyright of books will remain with the author. Alternatively Pandulipi Publishing may register for the Copyright of contents, if the owner desires so (Optional).



e-Books i.e. Amazon Kindle books will be sold through also printed version will be sold through and online store of Pandulipi Publishing alongwith other online channels. As required and possible without violating legal guide;ines which may change time to time.

Why Pandulipi Publishing?


Our model always gives priority to the content owner.


Focus on your book's out reach. Your book is our liability.

Cost Effective

Unlike others, we bear a part of publishing cost so that budget never become your constraint.


Every book we publish comes with ISBN. Your dream to be a ISBN holder comes true.

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