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Pandulipi is an online moderated content publishing platform. We try to facilitate readers to read in a flash of time, a sky full of crafted presentation synthesized by well synchronization of photos and writings. It’s not about well sculptured lengthy literatures, here reborn a new era of literature, short writings with pictures, from the womb of Pandulipi.

Each story or poem fabricates a picturesque insight in our inner core of imaginative heart. So does every picture. It urges us to discover a hidden story or the untold & mystified story behind it. All we need is to dive into the era of stone inscriptions or to a further depth of time, the ages of ancient symbolic letters. All they said or expressed was so deep but untangled with a few letters & pictures. Those were symbols, that did the magical spells and spoke beyond the scope of mind. History is ever flowing and ever looping concentric to human civilization. Here at pandulipi, we try to follow the similar approach to represent the literature- the way of telling the story accompanied with suitable pictures.


Why Us?

Often at our leisure we look for where can we read short stories? Where can we read short stories online? where can we find short stories for kids? or where can we find short stories in English? Teenagers wonder if there were some place to look for short stories in English for students?

Pandulipi tries to recreate the old creation of time and span. Pandulipi tries to fabricate a piece, by synchronizing photos to short writings. Collaboration of photos and writings is in every layer and folds of Pandulipi. We’ll evolve our presentations in the following languages:

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..and many more.


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