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English Poem at : As prophets allegedly witnessed. Man will never
have beheld a clearer beacon to be reborn 

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Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita Written by Oliver Pan     Do I, then, belong to the heavens? Why, if not so, should the heavens Fix me thus with their ceaseless blue stare, Luring me on, and my mind, higher Ever higher, up into the sky, Drawing me ceaselessly up To heights far,…

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Phantom Written by – OliverPan Art – Nikolas     Psychologists say, when someone has a body part amputed or an organ removed, the amputee feels the presence of the missing part in the form of eerie sensation or pain. It happens because your brain is so used to having…

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Fate. The term had crossed her mind for a brief second when she first laid eyes on him tonight in the crowd of unknown faces across the street. She’d never believed in fate before today, always brushing it off as romantic bullshit that people conveniently used to explain statistical anomalies…