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Why are you crying?

Why are you crying ? Written by Prithwisha Why are you crying?When you knowNo one is there to realise the reason.Your eyes will bulge out,Your soul will excruciate.You will lose your beauty,Your feelings, Your sight. Why are you crying?When you knowYour confidantes are ever diligent,with their own thinking , own perspectives.They…

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SEEKING YOU ।। Paromita Manna Where have you been?When the heart wept not knowing why,When the innumerable nights passed bycounting the stars,And only Heaven witnessed a forlorn soulwith bareness all around.Sleeping in the arms of the nightI sought someone with heavy sighs,My saviour who would be andbless me with salvation.Alas!…

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English Poem at : As prophets allegedly witnessed. Man will never
have beheld a clearer beacon to be reborn 

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Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita Written by Oliver Pan     Do I, then, belong to the heavens? Why, if not so, should the heavens Fix me thus with their ceaseless blue stare, Luring me on, and my mind, higher Ever higher, up into the sky, Drawing me ceaselessly up To heights far,…

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    Beware of those cobbles, trample not on the moss Of the land, Where drifts the cortege, through stench and ravines, Where crows feed on phlegm and flesh of lizards, And floods drain urine and mortal dirt of shame Into the river where bathed your ancestors. Where civilization thrives…

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      Why u shed ur tear, Mom! Oh Dear! Cry not, for I am not gone, I will return.   I am an idea, I am a pride. I am love, to you, my bride.   I am proud! To die thimble, For the land I nourish from….

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An ode to a passerby

  Rhyme, beloved, my music with your curse, my thoughts with your sickness, In your world I sought hope, and in your heart I found solace. Your eyes were but eyes of virtue, that now prowl some toxic greenery, Crawling like a snake into your nerves, leaving you comatose, Blameless…

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Memoirs of Autumn

    Held in a late season At a shifting of worlds, In the golden balance of autumn, Out of love and reason We made our peace; Stood still in October In the failing light and sought, Each in the other,ease And release from silence, From the slow damnation Of…