Amateur Photo Contest V19.01 Winners Announcement





1st Place

Phorography by: Souradeep Patra

The lesson of unity is apart from all the Socialist Theories, which takes birth from a perfect teacher.



2. The Mask Man.JPG

2nd Place

Phorography by:  Suchibrota Dutta

TheMask Man- In Thimphu Tshechu this mask man came with a funny behavior and collected money form the people. People are happy to give money to him and enjoyed the funny behavior. They called “Acharya” to the mask man. People believe that the mask man have power to deliver their massage to god. It doesn’t matter who the person behind the mask, they believe mask had a power to deliver the massage to god.



Wellcome home.jpg

3rd Place

Phorography by:  Litan Das

Welcome home. A Traditional welcome of Maa Durga, when all world are busy to develop technology.




3rd Place

Phorography by:  Sagnik Samajder

Praying for help.






Arka Ghosh


Festive Moods.jpg

Manasi Deb Sarkar



Souvik Saha



Pinaki Maity



Kumardip Saha


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