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Civil Engineering Mock Test Series - Online Mock Test

Thanks for buying CIVIL ENGINEERING MOCK TEST SERIES (Vol-1) by Sharmila Panda & Camellia Saha. This online mock test will help readers of the book to increase their knowledge and expertise before appearing their respective exams.

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What may be the reason for sudden changes in loss of pressure

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The process of turning the telescope about the vertical axis in horizontal plane is known as

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The elapsed time in gravity filter is 1sec. What is the height of fall in a single descent?

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A hydraulic structure with a life of 30 years is designed for a 30-year flow. The risk of failure of the structure during its life is

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_________ is defined as a volume in ml occupied by 1 gram of solid in the mixed liquor after 30 minutes of settling.

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Sedimentation can remove inorganic particles having specific gravity above

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