An Epic Book

This book has been written by Sharmila Panda & Camelia Saha to present a premium quality book for various exam preparations. This book consists of ten mock test papers carefully prepared for the best preparation of PSC (W.B.) Assistant Engineer Civil Examination. The papers encircle all the topics of PSC (W.B.) Assistant Engineer Civil Examination and also topics from various others entrance exams for Civil Engineering. The book also covers GATE, PSU, IES & Other States / National Level Exam topics. After completing the  mock test papers, aspirants can expect a good hold on the real exam. Solving the papers with good time management can give a stronghold on the real day. Regarding the concepts, whenever a different and deep conceptual topic is to be invoked due to a mock test paper question, you can expect a short description of the topic. In Depth topic details are beyond the scope of this book. 


Specially designed for P.S.C.(W.B) , Assistant Engineer (Civil) Examination 2020

Designed to strengthen fundamentals as well as knowledge on wider range of topics

This book is especially designed keeping in mind the requirements and syllabus of various PSC Entrance Exams of CIVIL Engineering. It entirely covers preparation requirements for WB PSC AE 2020.  This compilation is based on complete syllabus of various entrance exams of civil. It covers the complete syllabus and exam pattern of Assistant Engineer Civil PSC WB & many more.

Special care has been taken for covering the syllabus for the following Exams:

  1. Assistant Engineer (Civil) Examination West Bengal PSC 
  2. Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil) Odisha PSC
  3. Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil) Karnataka KPSC
  4. And other State Civil PSC Exams.
  5. Also applicable for GATE, PSU, IES Prelims etc State and National Level.

Students who wish to appear in any of the PSC Civil Exams in near future, this compilation can be very much helpful in their preparation.