Red rose in red


Red rose in red

Written by Bashabi Barari

Photography by Abhijit Dhar



“Agar tum mil jao/zamana chhod denge hum” (if you be mine/I damn care and leave the society)….the song in the bluetooth speaker is making Aadil thrilled. Actually he was in thought of Mashaba,a girl who comes this side thrice a week for errands and flower business.They are seeing each other for two long years but never spoke.The security,sound of boots and rifles,protocols never made it easy for them.Amidst all these Aadil still has felt and seen the untold feelings he wanted to feel and see in the eyes of Mashaba.
“Not any more.I will tell her today,no matter what.I just love her “—Aadil thought holding the bouquet of red rose which he bought for his Mashaba.
“Group F, get ready. Here is the list and go to the market, quick “—hearing the officer’s voice ,very skillfully Aadil hides the bouquet under his uniform. He dreams Mashaba’s blushed cheeks, trembled lips, sweet bargaining for some extra pennies of the flowers. Now, he feels a little nervous —“What if she does not come today? What if she refuses!! What if—”
Breaking news: One of the Indian army base camps has been blasted today morning by the militants.
Shock,surprise, agitation, rush, ambulance, uncertainty, chaos and smoke everywhere.
The red Roses are dark , deeply drenched in thick blood—all red, blood red.

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48 thoughts on “Red rose in red

  1. I wish it reach a thousand million people out there who lost their loved ones to terrorism. My sincere gratitude to their family. Nice initiative by you all. Especially the author. Thanks to Respc. Basabi Barati.

  2. খুব আবেগ প্রবন লেখা। কিছু সন্ত্রাস বাদি মানুষ কি ভাবে শত শত মানুষের জীবন, তাদের স্বপ্ন, ইচ্ছা কেড়ে নেয় তা যদি একবার তারা উপলব্ধি করতে পারত আজ পৃথিবী অন্য রকম হত। এই লেখা তাদের শুভ বুদ্ধি সঞ্চার করুক।

  3. দুঃখ জনক ঘটনা। মনটাও বেদনা তাড়িত হয়ে গেল।

  4. অব্যক্ত ব্যথায় মনটা ভরে গেল। অসাধারন লেখা।

  5. লেখাটা পড়ে কিছুক্ষণ চুপ মেরে গেছি। অসাধারণ লেখা। visualize করলাম যেন। আরো এরকম গল্প চাই, ভালবাসা চাই। মশাবার অপেক্ষা রয়ে যাক।

  6. Kato shato manusher moner katha balaa hoyna……. Ta tomar lekhay tumi tule dhorechho…… Asadharan premer murchhonay!!!!!!!! Khub bhalo….

  7. অব্যক্ত প্রেম আর তার সাথে অসম্পূর্ণ মীমাংসা। খুব মর্মস্পর্শী।

  8. Love being throttled by terrorism……!! It speaks of not only two lovers but also the love of mankind and humanity…… Let love reign over cruelty and hatred….. A strong message given out by your writing! Well done…

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