SEEKING YOU ।। Paromita Manna

Where have you been?
When the heart wept not knowing why,
When the innumerable nights passed by
counting the stars,
And only Heaven witnessed a forlorn soul
with bareness all around.
Sleeping in the arms of the night
I sought someone with heavy sighs,
My saviour who would be and
bless me with salvation.
Alas! Darkness of the night
shrouded me and
nowhere could I find
A pair of eyes,
That would see deep inside me
and share the burden
of my untold grief,
That dwelt inside me
since times immemorial.
None do I look for on this earth now,
Rather strive to find solace
In the desolation that follows me
like a shadow,
And rejoice in treading
the path of life,
With none by my side.

Author: admin_plipi