Why u shed ur tear,

Mom! Oh Dear!

Cry not,

for I am not gone,

I will return.


I am an idea,

I am a pride.

I am love,

to you, my bride.


I am proud!

To die thimble,

For the land

I nourish from.

I am proud to get the chance

To bleed and gore

till the end I dwindle.


Oh, after so long

Lying on ground

I lollygag! Memories dance!

In the coldness

That silently crawl,

Through my bloodless spine.

It’s the numbness

I am ashamed of,

I wish oh my land,

Could die one more chance!!



Written by – Kaushik

Graphics – Kaushik

Author: admin_plipi

11 thoughts on “RIP

  1. A sombre and melancholic feeling spread throughout the poem…. My salute to the martyrs and deepest condolences to the families of the departed ones….

  2. A timely note in this vulnerable moment for India where the country mourns at the cowardly terrorism. Long live Indian Army.
    Jai Hind.

    1. Thanks to all who liked the piece of writing. @Rubina Khatun, I will definitely remember you suggestion.
      @Mukta Narjinary, I will follow your suggestion in my future writings.

  3. We are deeply touched with the incident in India. Under all circumstances, it’s unfortunate. Didn’t get much in english. My condolences. By the way I got the web link on twitter. Is it a site from India? Will appreciate more posts on english of spanish.

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