An ode to a passerby


Rhyme, beloved, my music with your curse, my thoughts with your sickness,

In your world I sought hope, and in your heart I found solace.

Your eyes were but eyes of virtue, that now prowl some toxic greenery,

Crawling like a snake into your nerves, leaving you comatose,

Blameless were your lips, for they only knew the taste of mine,

Coral quondam, have now dried up like an autumn leaf, they only bane, obscene strings of letters,

Untarnished mind, you’d sing to me of galaxies, of memories, and of love,

Only smoke speaks now, leaving tar on those lips I’d once sunk into.


My voice sounded alarming, my words made aware,

Disregarding my love by Procrustean means, you scored on lush hills, somber alleys,

Just to heighten your mind to the state my love could have taken you, had you permitted me.

Now that you’ll be gone, without life, there’s no eye to envy the healthy,

No hands to feel the riches, no lips to kiss you goodbye.


Could you not have surrendered your rolls to me? Could you not have called them “dope”?

Could you not have lived for me? Could the awaited life in my body have gotten some hope?


Written by: Mayuri

Art/Photography: Sriparna


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