Why are you crying?

Why are you crying ? Written by Prithwisha

Why are you crying?
When you know
No one is there to realise the reason.
Your eyes will bulge out,
Your soul will excruciate.
You will lose your beauty,
Your feelings, Your sight.

Why are you crying?
When you know
Your confidantes are ever diligent,
with their own thinking , own perspectives.
They won’t perceive your senescence.

Why are you crying?
You won’t be valued until your soul dies.
You have to put an end to your quintessence.
They will never ever realize,
Your soul
Your mind
Your quite rages.
Silence will be silencing your words.

So, better to be on your own.
Keeping the thirst for healing one day
Where you and your empathetic ones will stay.

Author: admin_plipi