World Oral Health Day 20th March 2019


A special article on oral health by Dr. Papita Ghosh, BDS, MDS



Teeth increase the beauty of face.Full mouth teeth help to support the muscles of face, which is important to prevent wrinkles, sagging of cheeks, lips.So earlier loss of teeth makes person’s look older.Other than the beauty-factors,mouth helps to detect early signs of many diseases like diabetes,HIV/AIDS, vitamin deficiency, thyroid disorders etc.
Bad maintenances of oral hygiene build up bad bacteria along the gum lines of teeth . Those bacteria are responsible for various gum diseases,tooth decay.Gum disease is a risk factor for diabetes,heart diseases, uncontrolled high blood pressure, birth of premature & low birth weight baby.
So it is never too late to start good oral hygiene practices to keep your teeth in your mouth for life.For example:
•Brush your teeth two times a day
•Floss daily one time a day
•Replace your tooth brush every three months or sooner if its bristles are frayed.
•Avoid tobacco use.
•Limit between-meal chocolates, snacks,sweet & acidic breverages.
•Visit your dental surgeon regularly.

Lastly but not the least taking care of oral health is an investment of your over-all health.So celebrate the world  oral health day to start/keep up good oral hygiene practices.






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