The rescue of the Joe

The rescue of Joe ।। Nikolas

Nini & Joe were walking around a big pond in the jungle. Nini was a cute little tiger cub & Joe was a funny little zebra foal. They were playing, laughing & cuddling each other. Joe said, “let’s check who can jump upto the small branch of the tree”. Nini laughingly said, “I will win for sure”. They both giggled and started jumping. But suddenly Nini fell down & started rolling towards the pond. Joe rushed to Nini & tried hard with his legs & head to stop Nini from rolling. After some time Nini somehow managed to stop from rolling. But Joe fell down in the pond. Nini started crying and shouting but there were no animals around to help. Joe disappeared in the water. Both of them were kids & didn’t know how to swim. Nini was crying badly. After some time Nini decided to jump into the water to save Joe. Nini was determined to save his friend, whatever happened next.

Moment before Nini jumped, a magic happened. A huge rock like thing emerged out of the water. Nini’s jaw dropped. It was Croco, the oldest & biggest crocodile of the jungle. Croco approached towards the edge of pond. He opened his big mouth. Nini saw Joe was lying senseless inside his huge mouth. Croco carefully took Joe out of his mouth, layed him down on the ground & started caressing over the belly of Joe. After some time Joe woke up and Nini started screaming in joy. They both started cuddling each other. Croco was very happy to see them laughing. Croco moved back towards the pond & started disappearing in the water. Nini & Joe waved their legs, tail & head & shouted loudly “Thank you & good bye Croco. We love you”. Croco winked at them & replied “be careful while playing, my lovely babies”. Both of them noded & said aloud “Yes Croco, we will”.

Author: admin_plipi