What is JIO Gigafiber ? Do I need Jio Gigafiber ?

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What is JIO Gigafiber ?

It makes us very surprised, when we think, the term “JIO” was not known to the most, just 3 years back, more precisely before October 2016. But now, everything has been JIOfied (Pun intended). To many it may be the case of market monopoly, a blow to net neutrality and many more such things but for us, technology geeks, it is all about innovation, an superior vision and to the mark on time execution. For all these check boxes marked with a green tick, JIO is at present the  largest telecom operator of India.

Now having most of the mobile phone users in its portfolio and still growing, Reliance JIO has planned to enter house of every Indian by means of its latest offering, JIO Gigafiber. Jio Gigafiber, as its name suggests, is obviously a high speed data (Gigs of data per second :-0)  transfer technology, which will be wired till your drawing room. Once installed, your entire house will be Internet enabled. Be it watching a 4K movie, listening song from cloud to your wireless speakers anywhere in your house to monitor your empty house when you are out of town and maybe turning on and off your Building lights at evening and morning respectively. You will be able to control and perform anything remotely once JIO Gigafiber reaches your home. This has a good name IOT (Internet of Things). To make your life more miserable (on a funny note) Jio Gigafiber will be having outstanding offerings on OTT. OTT means over the top services, which is online media content streaming services directly delivered  to the subscribers over internet, avoiding any mediators. All these means, once you have installed Jio Gigafiber at your home, you are free from managing various different petty subscriptions / expenses such as News paper, Tv Channels, Movies, Broad band, different OTT etc. & many more.   One last thing, which I have not mentioned till now because this has been less important feature since JIO plans rolled out 3 years back, that is, you are entitled to make unlimited calls through Jio Gigafiber 🙂 .

Do I need  Jio Gigafiber ?

To answer this question please have a look at the slide .

Number of Mobile Subscribers in India (in Millions ) SOURCE: https://main.trai.gov.in/

What does it reflects? It says us, every year mobile users are increasing rapidly.  Since Jio  has introduced its awesome data plans, these lots of users also started using loads of data. Lets have a look at the next slide

Data usage per Subscriber per Month SOURCE: https://main.trai.gov.in/

WOW. This looks like a rocket just launched, right? Data usage is on rise & on many manifold increase. Now, we have to focus on the main component of this study. Does this gigantic data usage mean we are using much more time in the WEB than ever before? Lets have a look on the next slide

Minutes of usages for Internet SOURCE: https://main.trai.gov.in/

What did you get it from here? It seems, we are not spending time in internet much more than we were doing years before but consumption of data has increased in leaps and bounds. This is the future of digital media. In upcoming years we will be in need of higher data plans to enjoy our daily dose of entertainment, cloud based work, Internet of Things in every other component of daily chores.

Therefore, YES, we will have to jump for Jio Gigafiber. This era of digital media and content sharing is very much attractive, engaging. You won’t be able to keep yourself detached from this revolution and most importantly we would be advising you, that you shouldn’t. We should welcome latest technologies, use all its benefits and utilize all of them for our betterment.

Thank you for reading. Keep logging in & have a nice day.

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